Sunday League Season Recap

The regular season of the Howell Softball Sunday League has drawn to a close, with the Hitmen standing out by maintaining an unbeaten streak. Their flawless 16-0 record saw them clinching the top spot, a testament to their remarkable gameplay this season. With a noteworthy run differential of +213, they were one of only two teams to achieve a positive score in this metric. Their closest competitor in this regard was the Band of Brothers, who secured the second position with a run differential of +96.

The competition remained tight amongst the next tier of teams. The Vultures, Qualtech, Doggs, and Fireball had spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the season with their closely fought matches. The Vultures managed to grasp the third spot boasting nine victories. Meanwhile, tie-breaking rules were invoked to determine the standings for Qualtech, Doggs, and Fireball due to their evenly matched performance.

At the other end of the standings, The Degenerates and Parlay Let Downs are gearing up for a playoff resurgence. As we’ve often seen, the playoffs can be full of surprises, and these teams are keen to overturn their regular-season narratives.

As the anticipation for the playoffs builds, we’re excited to witness the exhilarating softball action that lies ahead!

Final Standings

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